"Mankind has always feared what it doesn't understand"
-- Erik Lehnsherr

Jason Black || Iron-Smoke|| 17 years old|| Robbie Amell


Active Powers: Super Strength & Super Agility

Passive Powers: Wall Crawling & High Endurance 

Personality Traits:




Wary of others,Non-trusting,Impulsive 


Before Adoption:

Jason had little time with his mother and father before he was given up. Born on October 15th, Jason was named after his grandfather. His last name, the one held by his original parents, was a name with heavy weight behind it: Brownhide. His grandfather had told him stories of where the name came from. A powerful man who who was renown for his strength that came from wearing the skin of a bear. Jason enjoyed the first three and a half years of his life with a mother and father who had nothing but the highest adoration for their first son. To Jason at the time, he couldn’t make sense of the world issues: war, hunger, mutants. His parents were not political extremist, who put their heart and soul into choosing the right people to govern their homeland, but in years to come, they would wish different people had been in certain government positions. His father worked for an electric company, helping to keep their town lighted, charged, and energized. The mother was a stay-at-home, and it was because of that reason, she discovered her son was a mutant. Coming into the kitchen to prepare him lunch, she found her son rummaging through the fridge. It didn’t perplex her at once. She found it hilarious that her boy was looking for his own food. He left the fridge in a jumpy manner when he learned that he’d been spotted. Jason leaped out of the fridge and land onto the counter on all fours. She jumped back and watched as he held a full gallon of milk in one palm, and an entire watermelon in the other. Jason’s mother screamed, and took Jason into the living room, looking him over. After a phone call, his father rushed home, not because of what he heard, but because of the paranoia in his wife’s voice. She allowed Jason to show off his feat of strength in front of his dad, where he grinned proudly and stretched his arms up to show how easily it was for him. For the next few months, his parents watched as his powers came and went at random spurts. They had no means of giving him away, until people started coming into town who were against the mutants. Soon, more neighbors joined the caused, and they knew Jason couldn’t grow up in their hometown. Jason, reassured by his parents that they’d get him one day, was placed in an adoption agency. They knew he wasn’t willing to show his powers in front of others, so all worries of that were cleared. For eight months Jason stayed with other kids, many orphans. He hoped and prayed for his parents returned. Everyday seemed to go on longer than the last, and    with very few people to talk to, it became quite lonely. He often heard about the boy Alex who practiced his powers away from other kids. Jason would often try and sneak peeks, but was always too afraid to speak to him publicly. But when two parents came to adopt him, along with another boy, Jason accepted, devoid of hope. It wasn’t so awful though, he had made a new friend, and a brother, of sorts.

After Adoption:

Jason and Alex got adopted at the age of five (Jason) and Seven (Alex), they were friends from the get go, although they weren’t technically brothers this never stopped either of the pair from identifying with each other. Adopted by the clothing line tycoons Angela and Gary Black they lived incredibly comfortable lives compared to what they were used to. Growing up in a large mansion the Black boys found that most of the things they could ever want they were provided with, however they weren’t spoilt and their adoptive parents kept a firm grasp on the pair, never letting their mischief get too out of hand.

As they aged their powers became clear and much to Alex’s surprise their adoptive parent’s opinion of the two did not change. They were still their sons and they still loved them. Alex especially struggled with the idea of non mutant parents, he still remembered what happened to his parents, however due to the love of his new brother and the Black’s he found that he grew to love and care for them, even if this wasn’t always clear.

They grew up fast, attending the local high school and making friends. They never lacked anything and they were honestly happy for a few years, they somehow managed to keep it a secret that they were mutants even if there were a number of close calls. Their parents were aware of their powers and together they worked on keeping them a secret. Until one fateful day in late November. When Jason suddenly lost control of his powers. It was something out of Shakespeare, which was odd because that was the book Jason had in his hand. Funny how the world works. Well, evidently, not funny at all for the Black brothers. The day had started off with morning showers, not for a minute dousing or losing their strength. Jason was rushing to his next class with friends when the thunder started. They turned into the outside cafeteria lounge when a lightning bolt struck a tree, setting it ablaze. It tumbled fast, and once it landed, it would hit a few, it not a handful of students. Jason didn’t put any thought into it. He pushed past his friends and made an astonishing thirty foot jump forward, landing onto the concrete, marking the spot with a crack in the earth. The tree was nearing impact, and Jason jumped forward again, clutching the sides of the trunk with both arms. He tore the plant away from it’s roots, and during his few seconds hanging mid-air, the teenager hurled the tree off campus, into the grassy plain. When he fell, he looked around at wide-eyed faces.

Alex found his adopted brother surrounded by crowds of jeering high school students, knowing his brother would be scared he burst into the crowd and helped his brother to his feet. Some wise arse stepped forward, attempting to take the mocking to a new level and Alex’s temper got the better of him, losing a surge of concussive energy at the Jock he watched him fly back into the crowd of high school students, suddenly it wasn’t so funny that the Black brothers were mutants, the crowd of teenagers fled from Alex and he helped his brother home, shielding him from whatever he could.

The next day they got a visit from Professor Xavier himself, he explained who he was and what he did. He told them about his school and Alex, Jason, Angela and Gary as a family decided that so that the boys could learn to control their powers better it would be best for them to attend the school and learn from the Professor. So they did.

During Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters:

For most of the ride to his new home, Jason wore a scowl. The idea was great: a school where he could learn about his powers, who he was, and still get an education. Professor Xavier, the man who’d made him feel nothing but comfort and at ease, said he could go to the school under the assumption that it was all for a football program.

It didn’t take long for him to get accustomed to the school. With mutants all around him, students, teachers, especially mutant teachers, Jason felt a sense of pride rise. Most of his classes had Alex in them, so they rarely left each others side. It was a good place. A safe place. Somewhere he could be learn who he really was, with his family. Of course he didn’t forget where he came from. He wrote as often as he could to his parents. Jason tried to get Alex out of the school as much as he could, playing around the grounds, making friends mainly from his classes and around his living quarters.

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